Buy a ticket

Tickets can be purchased here or at St. Pauls Parish in Airdrie after weekend masses at the store card table in the hall. They can also be purchased from members of the Airdrie Knights of Columbus.

Win $2500 Travel Gift Cards + Cash Prizes

Continuing through the year, we will have 12 dates (see the schedule here) where we draw for a $2500 travel gift card and four cash prizes of $120. All values are in Canadian dollars.

Gift card winners have the option of taking 80% of the value of the card ($2,000.00).

The total list of prizes for 2019 is twelve $2500 travel gift cards plus 48 cash prizes of $120. Four of the cash prizes are awarded every draw.

With only 600 tickets printed, your chances of winning a travel card are 12 out of 600. If you don't win a travel card, your chances of winning a cash prize is 48 out of 600.