The winners for our 2024 campaign are as follows:

Early Bird #1 (Dec 17, 2023) Gift Cards
Many thanks to Airdrie Save-On-Foods , Smitty's , Co-op and Superstore for the donated prizes.
$250 Gift Cards: Marvin Hagel (Save On Foods), Kathy Drever (Save On Foods), Theresa Duncan (Superstore)
$200 Gift Cards: Sandy Hernandez (Co-op), Rachelle McIntee (Co-op)
$100 Gift Certificates: Tracey Warren (Smitty's), Ken Schraeder (Smitty's)

Early Bird #2 (Feb 14, 2024)
Many thanks to Maid Pro, Crowfoot Travel, Save-On-Foods and Smitty's
Cash:  Daniel Stephen ($750), Ron West ($500)
$350 Maid Pro: Tiffany Munk
Crowfoot Travel $250 Certificate: Marsha Moen
$250 Save-On-Foods: Loveth Ubanatu, Renee Linnsen
$100 Smitty's: Albert Saurette, Mike Lagace

April 7, 2024